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Popular Male Given Names in India

Rank Name Meaning
1 Ram pleasing
2 Mohammed praiseworthy
3 Sri respect
4 Santosh satistfaction, contentment
5 Sanjay conquering, triumphant
6 Sunil dark blue
7 Rajesh lord of kings
8 Ramesh preserver
9 Ashok without sorrow
10 Manoj born of the mind
11 Anil wind
12 Suresh ruler of gods
13 Vijay victory
14 Mo honored
15 Abdul servant
16 Raju king
17 Vinod pleasure, delight
18 Rajendra lord of kings
19 Raj ruler of gods
20 Dinesh lord of the day
21 Rakesh ruler of the full moon
22 Dilip protector
23 Ajay invincible
24 Mukesh conqueror of the Muka demon
25 Amit immeasurable
26 Shankar beneficent
27 Mohan fascinating
28 Ravi sun
29 Ganesh Hindu god of wisdom and luck
30 Gopal cowherd
31 Arun dawn
32 Shiv Hindu god of transformation
33 Rahul conqueror of all miseries
34 Manesh god of the mind
35 Jitendra conqueror of Indra (Hindu warrior god)
36 Prakash light
37 Surendra lord of gods
38 Mahendra the great Indra (Hindu warrior god)
39 Subhash soft-spoken
40 Narayan refuge of man
41 Pradip light, lantern
42 Ranjit victorious in battle
43 Umesh god of Umesh (Hindu Lord Shiva)
44 Ravindra lord of the sun
45 Dipak little lamp
46 Pankaj lotus flower
47 Naresh lord of man
48 Shyam dark
49 Babu father
50 Arjun bright, shining, white