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Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Indian Botanical Garden

Kolkata, India

The British obsession with tea can partly be traced to this former tea plantation that was so economically important during the colonial days. In the 19th century, however, it was converted into a gloriously biodiverse park featuring palm groves, pineapple plants, wild orchids, and oddities like the world's widest banyan tree, which has since degraded into a mini-forest but is nonetheless a fine sight to see. The tree is more than 200 years old, and curious visitors come from afar to see it. On Andul Road running parallel to the park is the attractive Bicentenary Gate, an enduring image for anyone's scrapbook, and a little farther away is the cable-stayed Second Hooghly Bridge (officially the Vidyasagar Setu), one of the true marvels of East Indian engineering.

Alipore Zoological Gardens

2 Alipore Road
Kolkata, West Bengal 700027, India

The country’s largest zoological park, the Alipore Zoological Gardens stretches across an area of 16 hectares (39.5 acres). It was opened in 1876 by the Prince of Wales and is also known as the Alipore Zoo or Kolkata Zoo. It houses a wide variety of animals like royal Bengal tigers, African lions, jaguars, Indian elephants, great Indian one-horned rhinoceroses, Grant's zebras, manipur brow-antlered deer, reticulated giraffes, camels, and hippopotamuses. The bird population includes large parrots (mainly conures, lorikeets, loris, and macaws), Lady Amherst's pheasants, Swinhoe's pheasants, golden pheasants, touracos, emus, hornbills, ostriches, cassowaries, and some migratory species. The zoo also features an artificial lake, a small aquarium, a children’s park, a cafeteria, and a variety of foliage.

Andhra Pradesh State Museum

Red Hills
Hyderabad, India

Andhra Pradesh is said to be the historical meeting point between the cultures of North and South India. This museum is an excellent demonstration of this admixture of styles, customs, and conventions. Dating back to 1915, it is the state's oldest museum. The 1st-century Lotus Medallion will blow you away with its sheer age and originality. A mocked-up room from the age of the Nizams takes you back to Hyderabad's days of early flourishing. Jain, high-caste Hindu, Buddhist, and Islamic art graces the numerous stories and anterooms, ensuring that any Indophile will be left more than satisfied after a trip here. Egyptian mummies, numismatics displays, and Bidriware top off a stunning assortment of objets d'art.

Aquatica Water Park

Kouchpukur, P.O. Hathgachia
Kolkata, India

Home to thrilling rides, attractions, live events & luxurious resort, Aquatica Water Park is the ultimate destination for thrill seekers featuring some of the Kolkata's most popular roller coasters and waterpark rides. The park is spread across 6.8 hectares (17 acres) of land and has a number of rides including exciting ones like the Black Hole, the Wave Pool, Niagara Falls, surf racer, Tornado and the Aqua Dance Floor. A restaurant is on site as is a resort offering lodging.

– Information provided by Aquatica Water Park

Arignar Anna Zoological Park

Vandalur Zoo

GST Road
Vandalur, Chennai 600048, India

Typically referred to as the Vandalur Zoo, Arignar Anna was the first zoo in India, opening in 1855 near the Central Station. In 1985, it was moved to a 602-hectare (1,500-acre) site in Vandalur Reserved Forest, making it the largest zoo in Asia. As well as some 75 moated animal enclosures, the zoo has a lion safari, deer safari and walk-through aviary. It also maintains species and gene banks for a wide variety of South Indian flora and fauna, serves as a site for basic and applied animal research and has facilities for propagation and re-introduction of endangered species to their original habitats.


BF-29, Salt Lake, Sector 1
Kolkata, India

Atom is an indoor play area for children and includes an area just for toddlers. With a jungle theme, children have a treehouse to play in, wth stairs to climb and slides to enjoy. Spin on the merry-go-round or pretend to shop or cook in the kitchen. There is a sandbox section and an activity zone where kids can jump and climb. A painting area lets children color on walls or use pens to create take-home art. The play area is staffed and includes a cafe for purchasing drinks and snacks. There is an hourly charge to play at Atom.

B. M. Birla Planetarium

Tamilnadu Science Technology Centre, Gandhi Mandapam Road
Chennai, India

The planetarium was built in the memory of B.M. Birla a leading industrialist and visionary of India. Birla Planetarium is an indoor universe, with astronomical phenomena recreated on the specially perforated aluminum inner dome. The planetarium hosts regular educational shows pertaining to astronomy. Watch the stars or the meteoroids on second Saturday of the month. The Night Watching show is held between 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

– Information provided by Live Chennai

Banabitan Biodiversity Park

Central Park

Sector 1
Salt Lake City, Kolkata, India

This park is one of Kolkata’s largest and includes a lake in the center with surrounding gardens. Bird lovers can look for migratory birds including lesser whistling ducks, egrets, cormorants, and common moorhens. The lake offers an area for boating and the lush grounds are forested and include several bridges. Visit the butterfly garden to see an assortment of colorful winged wonders. There are trails for walking and running while open spaces offers scenic areas for picnics or for tossing a ball with the kids. Scenic structures offering nice photo ops include the Japanese House and a treehouse. The park charges a small fee for entry.

Bangalore Palace

Jayamahal Road
Bangalore, India

This hybrid of neoclassical, Edwardian and Victorian architecture was modeled on Britain's Windsor Castle and commissioned by Reverend Garrett in 1862. It has been the official residence of the Maharajas of Mysore since the late-19th century. These days it is open for tours and its grounds host large-scale rock concerts-the Rolling Stones, Deep Purple, Aerosmith, and Iron Maiden have all played here in recent years. Upon entry, an elderly servant will show you around the swanky interiors hung with family photographs (including a number of nude pictures). The courtyard on the ground floor is remarkable for its granite chairs decorated with fluorescent azure tiles. 

Bannerghatta National Park

Bannerghatta Main Road, Bannerughatta
Bangalore, India

Immerse yourself in nature at Bannerghatta National Park, which offers several areas to explore. Take a safari tour to see tigers, lions, and Himalayan black bears among many others, and visit the zoo and its birds, reptiles, and mammals including panthers and hog deer, totaling about 95 species. A museum also is on site. There is a butterfly park covering two hectares (five acres) and includes a 1-kilometer (.62-mile) trail through landscaped gardens. There is an area for those wishing to camp as well. Guided tours and educational talks are offered at the park.

BM Birla Science Centre

Off of Naubat Pahad Lane
Adarshnagar, Hyderabad, India

The 35-minute shows at the BM Planetarium use modern technology to educate about our solar system, but actually originate from Islamic scientific observatories of the Middle Ages that can be found all over the Subcontinent. The attached Technological Museum has its fair share of curios, although the premises haven't been maintained to a very high standard. Much better is the small exhibition devoted to the patron of the venue, BM Birla himself, and even better than that is the gigantic intact skeleton of a Kotasaurus dug up 20 years ago in a nearby village. Shows in English commence at 11:30 a.m. each day.

Boat Museum

Ground Floor, Cultural Research Institute
P 1/4, C. I. T. Scheme-VII, VIP Road
Kankurgachhi, Kolkata, India

India’s only boat museum, step inside to see 46 scale models of native boats. The museum is free to visit and includes several miniature boats as well as the large models depicting boats from Kerala, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, and Bangladesh. Learn about the role boats have played in the culture and history of India. There are no guides and photography is not allowed.

Brindavan Garden

Off of KRS Dam Road
Mandya District
Karnataka 571607, India

Brindavan Garden on the Krishna Raja Sagara Dam contains water fountains, ornamental pools, terraced and planned gardens, different types of flowering plants, and tiled pathways. The garden offers the most spectacular views at night, when it is illuminated with colorful lights. It is particularly famous for its musical dancing fountains, which generate a fine harmony of water, music, and colors. The garden also contains a small lake for boating, guest house for tourists, and several biological research departments.

Bugle Rock Park

Bull Temple Road
Bangalore, India

This large park covers 6.4 hectares (16 acres) and includes old trees, shady areas, and a musical fountain. Kids can climb on the numerous rock features or play at the playground, and the whole family can explore the gardens along landscaped paths. Several temples are located within the shady park as well.

Bund Garden

Koregaon Park
Pune, India

The unique appeal of Bund Garden, which is also known as Mahatma Gandhi Udyan, is that it is situated on a dam built over the Mula-Muthra River, which surges through the city of Pune like a robust tree trunk. The dam dates back to the Peshwa period, but was developed as a pleasure spot by the British some years later. Migrating birds flock here during the winter, descending on the attractive flora. Large-scale magic shows and folk dances are provided for the entertainment of locals and foreign tourists alike. Activities include horse riding around the gardens and hiring boats to travel up and down the river. The jogging path was designed by famed architect Sir Jamshedji Jeejeebhoy and is incredibly popular with the more fitness-minded Puneites.

Cariappa Park

Cubbon Main Road
Shivaji Nagar, Bangalore, India

Lying literally across the road from its bigger cousin Cubbon Park, Cariappa is a contemporary site laid out in 1996 as a tribute to the late Indian military hero Field Marshal Cariappa. Its constructed pond and waterfall are fun for the kids to frolic in, while the Bangalore government has designated this an eco-friendly zone, considering that no chemical fertilizers are used for its upkeep-which, oddly enough, is the responsibility of the Indian Army. Thus it's also no surprise that six military bands play in the bandstand every two weeks. Even the playground is designed along a military theme, with its balance bars and death slide-like swing. Consuming food is not allowed inside the park, so strike this from your list of picnic spots. 


Hyderabad, India

Often called the Oriental Arc De Triomphe, Charminar is actually a singular achievement of classical Indian architecture and one of the country's manmade wonders. Its twirling staircases, gigantic arches, and dreamlike minarets were built for entirely aesthetic reasons by the Sultan Muhammad Quli Qutub Khan back in the late 1500s and early 1600s. Some rumors contend it was to celebrate the eradication of a major plague that swept through the region in the 1580s. Whatever the reasons behind Charminar, you've got to love its exterior as well as its delightful second-story mosque. Visitors can get no deeper into the premises than a stroll beneath the arches, but this is an exquisite enough experience.

Chennai Railway Museum

New Avadi Road
Villivakkam, Chennai, India

This museum includes a collection of Indian locomotives that reflect the glory days of Indian Railways, back during the British period. The outdoor exhibition includes vintage coaches of Nilgiri Railways and houses around 40 different models of trains. See photographs and artifacts from the beginning of Indian Railways along with steam engines and other historical models. The museum includes a children’s park with slides and a toy train ride, the route of which cuts through the rich history of the country’s rail heritage. Located in the Villivakkam neighborhood and a popular tourist attraction, the museum includes a souvenir shop.

– Information provided by Tour My India

Chowmahalla Palace

Khilwat 20-4-236 Motigalli
Hyderabad, India

The Vikings had Valhalla, the Hyderabadis have Chowmahalla, a beautiful synthesis of many architectural styles that earned it the 2010 UNESCO Asia Pacific Merit Award. Its origins, however, extend back to 1750, with completion happening more than a century later. At that time the grounds covered nearly 20 hectares (45 acres) but now, alas, fewer than 5 hectares (12 acres) remain. Modeled on the Shah of Iran's palace, Chowmahalla's grandiose Durbar Hall, with marble platform, ornate clocktower, courtyards, fountains, and gardens is truly special. Its domes are strictly Moghul, while its stuccowork is Persian-inspired. Twenty or so Belgian crystal chandeliers hang in the Durbar Hall, which completes the cross-cultural atmosphere of the venue.

Chowpatty Beach

Marine Drive
Girgaon Chowpatty
Mumbai, India

By day, the sandy shores of Chowpatty are packed with Mumbaikars asleep in the shade of the trees or swimming and sunbathing fully clothed. By night, the beach comes alive with Ferris wheels, yogic gymnasts, performing monkeys, and wandering fortune tellers. The enthusiastic food hawkers prepare bhelpuri and gola (a syrupy crushed ice dessert) for all comers. Bollywood films are often shot on Chowpatty, and street plays are performed on the promenade. During the Ganesh Chathurthi festival, gigantic statues of the elephant-headed god are pushed under the waves by millions of devoted pilgrims. Koli fishermen work the waters at the south end of the beach with their huge nets.

Cubbon Park

Sampangirama Nagar
Bangalore, India

Created by the British in 1864 to stamp their cultural authority on Bangalore, Cubbon Park is a verdant sprawl of gigantic bamboo stands, fairy fountains, statues of Queen Victoria and King Edward VII, and intriguing rock formations. Naturalists can often be seen studying the thousands of exotic araucaria, millettia, and bright red gulmohar flowers, and a 20-million-year-old fossil of a tree. Joggers and walkers make use of the network of roads and lanes within the park. A cast-iron bandstand plays host to concerts some evenings, and the Puttani Express miniature train travels more than a kilometer (.7 mi) across the park. There are a number of compelling museums and galleries on the grounds, including the Government Museum, the Venkatappa Art Gallery, and Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum. 

DakshinaChitra Museum

East Coast Road
Kanchipuram District, Chennai, India

DakshinaChitra is an exciting cross cultural living museum of art, architecture, lifestyles, crafts and performing arts of South India. The main mission is to exhibit, promote and preserve aspects of the broader, more inclusive cultures of the states and to bring these arts to the public in a participative, enjoyable, and engaging way. Try your hand at simple art and craft activities as you tour or view the rotating art exhibits. Workshops are held for adults and children, including one on Gond painting. There is a ceramic center, open air theater, library, and a crafts shop and crafts bazaar. DakshinaChitra Heritage Museum overlooks the Bay of Bengal, at Muttukadu, 25 kilometers (15 miles) south of central Chennai, on the East Coast Road.

– Information provided by DakshinaChitra Museum

Dal Lake

Northeastern Srinagar Srinagar
Jammu and Kashmir, India

One of the most beautiful and famous lakes of India, the Dal Lake extends across 18 square kilometers (seven square miles) and is surrounded by a boulevard, Mughal-era gardens, parks, and hotels. The lake is linked to numerous other lakes of the Kashmir Valley and divided by causeways into four basins (Gagribal, Lokut Dal, Bod Dal, and Nagin). It is best known for its numerous Victorian-era shikaras (wooden houseboats), which afford visitors unforgettable rides across the serene, scenic surroundings. The lake also offers water surfing, skating (when the lake's surface freezes in winter), kayaking, canoeing, and angling. The lake's surroundings are great spots for trekking and cycling.

Diamond Water Park

Water Park Road
Lohegaon, Pune, Maharashtra, India

Diamond Water Park features fun rides and activities to help families cool off under the sun. It includes a wave pool, family pool, kiddie pool, waterslides, and shallow play areas with fountains, sprayers, and a giant water-dumping bucket. Vendors offer refreshments and souvenirs.

Eco Park

Prakriti Tirtha

Major Arterial Road
Kolkata, India

Kolkata’s Eco Park is spread across an area of 194 hectares (480 acres) and includes a 42-hectare (100-acre) water body with an island. There are several attractions to enjoy, from biking to kayaking and boat rides, to walking the trails. Children can ride the toy train, mini cars, and bikes just their size or bounce on trampolines and try land zorbing where they roll inside a giant inflatable ball. The park offers the chance to try archery and rifle shooting as well. There are individual fees for the activities and equipment rental at Eco Park.


Global Pagoda Road, Goral Island
Borivali West, Mumbai 400092, India

Opened in 1989, EsselWorld is India’s largest amusement park with more than 70 attractions designed to entertain all ages. Spread across 26 hectares (64 acres), there are a variety of rides such as a Ferris wheel, carousel, rollercoasters, rotating swings, bumper cars, spinning teacups, antique cars, train, and more. Additional attractions are a gaming arcade, mirror maze, playground, and ice-skating rink. Also included, a walk-in aviary at EsselWorld Bird Park is home to more than 500 exotic birds representing more than 70 species. A wide range of vendors offer refreshments and souvenirs. EsselWorld is accessible via ferry services available from Gorai Creek and Marve Beach.

Fort St. George

Rajaji Road, near Legislature and Secretariat
Chennai, India

Fort St. George is located on the banks of Bay of Bengal. It was built by the British East India Company in 1640 CE. The fort is believed to be the first establishment of the British in India. It is a military architecture marvel, which was erected as a trading post and later evolved to be the origin of modern Indian Army. Within its walls are Saint Mary's Church, built in 1680, the oldest Anglican church in India, and Fort Museum, with its collection of archaeological relics as well as memorabilia from the periods of British, French, Raj and Muslim rule. It has the tallest flagpole in India. This beautiful building has stood the test of time and includes wall frescos and teak plaques.

– Information provided by

Fun N Food Village

Old Delhi Gurgaon Road
Kapshera, New Delhi, India

An amusement park and waterpark in one, Fun N Food Village offers entertainment and dining options. Rides include a train, Tilt-A-Whirl, 33.5-meter-tall (110-foot-tall) Ferris wheel, rotating swings, and more. The waterpark has a wave pool, lazy river, waterslides, and shallow play area with water guns, fountains, and water-dumping buckets. A variety of vendors sell refreshments and souvenirs.

Fun World Amusement Park

Palace Grounds, Jayamahal Main Road
Bangalore, India

Prepare for hours of fun at Fun World Amusement Park, offering rides for all ages. Classic rides include a roller coaster, Ferris wheel, and bumper cars as well as thrill rides and those for the smallest children. In all there are about 100 rides to choose from. Included at the park is Snow City Ice World, offering ice- and snow-themed attractions including a Snow castle, frozen slides, and a disco. There’s also Water World for refreshing fun down one of the 28 water slides, or just hang out by one of the pools. Several food options are found throughout the park, which includes an arcade for games and bowling.

Golkonda Fort Complex

Opposite Army Headquarters
Golkonda, Hyderabad, India

The Qutub civilization was to India what the Romans were to Western culture. Their ancient capital had its finest days during the early Middle Ages, and the most enduring relic from that time is the Golkonda Fort complex. You can tour it and take in dozens of defensive towers (some still armed with cannons), mosques, armories, temples, barracks, harems, stables, royal quarters, and giant elephant-stopping spikes. Perhaps the highlight here is the astonishing acoustics that allow you to hear noises made in the dome of one of the forts almost a kilometer away—a real feat of Qutub design ingenuity. These defenses were built to last, repelling thousands of Moghul invaders for almost two centuries.

Government Museum

Pantheon Road
Egmore, Chennai, India

Also known as Madras Museum or Egmore Museum, this institution, founded in 1851, has permanent exhibits pertaining to zoology, botany, anthropology and geology, as well as an archaeological section exploring all the major South Indian periods including Chola, Vijayangar, Hoysla and Chalukyas. It also has separate sections for philately (collection and study of postage stamps), children's interests, and ethnology. A bronze state of Ardhnariswara (the coupling of the Hindu gods Shiva and Parvati) occupies the central court. There is a well-stocked library, and the museum hosts a regular schedule of lectures and films.

Guindy National Park

Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600025, India

The smallest national park in India and one of the few located in a metropolitan area, this 2.8-square-kilometer (1-square-mile) park is an extension of the grounds surrounding Raj Bhavan, the official residence of the governor of Tamil Nadu. Despite its small size, it manages to squeeze in a variety of forests, scrublands, lakes, and streams. Some 14 species of mammals and 150 species of birds are found here, along with many amphibians and reptiles including geckos, chameleons, monitor lizards, and the endangered star turtle.

Guindy Snake Park

Sardar Patel Road
Guindy, Chennai, India

Located next to Guindy National Park, the snake park bills itself as an "eco-friendly biological habitat" for various species of snakes and reptiles. Visitors can see and learn about king cobras, common kraits, common cobras, pythons, vipers and adders, as well as giant turtles, monitor lizards and other reptiles. An adjacent Children's Park has a collection of small non-predatory animals and birds.

HAL Aerospace Museum

Airport-Wather Road
Bangalore, India

Hindustan Aeronautics Limited made Bangalore its headquarters in the 1940s. It started life as an engineering company charged with fixing damaged Allied warplanes in World War II before becoming India's first aeronautical design and manufacturing corporation. This museum is a tribute not only to the art and science of flying but to the specific scientific heritage of Bangalore. The history of Indian aviation is told by magnificent displays of aircraft engines, defunct helicopters, airplanes (such as Russian MiG-21s), and even space rockets. Things get a bit interactive with state-of-the-art flight simulators and a mock air traffic control tower. There are video presentations on such topics as the development of gas turbines and jet propulsion systems.

India Seashell Museum

191/1A2, Kalpakkam Road
Mahabalipuram, India

India Seashell Museum is the largest seashell museum in India, located about 40 minutes south of Chennai. It houses over 40,000 specimens of rare and unique seashells and minerals which offers visitors an amazing visual treat and a unique perspective on conchology. See shells gathered from across the world. Includes an aquarium, mineral room, and the Pearl Museum. Kids will love the outdoor dinosaur park, while souvenirs can be purchased from the gift shop.

– Information provided by India Seashell Museum

Indian Museum

27 Jawaharlal Nehru Road
Kolkata, West Bengal 700016, India

Established in 1814 by the Danish botanist Dr. Nathaniel Wallich, the Indian Museum is one of the world’s oldest museums. Extending over an area of 930 square meters (10,000 square feet), it contains nearly 60 galleries of art, anthropology, archaeology, zoology, botany, and geology. It now boasts over one million exhibits including an Egyptian mummy that is over 4,000 years old, the Buddha’s ashes, a four-lion Ashoka stupa or pillar (the official emblem of India), and a Buddhist stupa. The museum also contains fossil skeletons of prehistoric animals, ornaments, Mughal paintings, stones, coins, Gandhara art (1st-7th century Buddhist art), rare antiques, and a collection of meteorite fragments.

Indian Music Experience Museum

Brigade Millennium Avenue, JP Nagar 7th Phase
Bangalore, India

Get ready to experience all things music, at the Indian Music Experience Museum. Discover various genres, explore the stories about iconic songs and music makers, marvel at the beautiful musical instruments and artifacts on display, and create your own music. Children should enjoy the music-themed doll display. Traditional or contemporary, young or old, the museum has something for everyone. Folk music performances are held every evening beginning at 4:30 p.m. A cafe offers food and drinks or pick up a souvenir in the gift shop.

– Information provided by Indian Music Experience Museum

Indira Gandhi Musical Fountain

Opposite Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium
T. Chowdaiah Road
Bangalore, India

Enjoy an evening watching and listening to the lights and music of Indira Gandhi Musical Fountain. The surrounding park covers 6.8 hectares (17 acres), where visitors can explore landscaped gardens before seeing the fountain show. Shows are held two times per evening and run between 20 and 30 minutes. The park offers play areas for kids and street food venues are located nearby.

Innovative Film City

24 & 26, Kiadb Estates, Birmangla Cross
Bidadi, Bangalore, India

Plan a day to visit Innovative Film City, a movie theme park with an assortment of attractions. Spread across 20 hectares (50 acres) are several museums including the Tribal Museum, Fossil Museum, and Oddities, as well as a mirror maze. Take some fun photos in the 3D photo gallery and selfie gallery, while play areas include the Dino Park, water park, and toddler’s den. Get a scare in the Haunted Mansion, hunt for fossils, see animals at the petting zoo, or play a game of mini golf or delve into virtual reality. Innovative Film City host special events as well and is located about 40 kilometers (24 miles) outside of Bangalore.

Jain Temples

Badridas Temple Street
Kolkata, India

Not just one, but a complex of three remarkable Jain temples is located in North Kolkata. The intricately decorated, wave-roofed exterior is one of a kind: arguably as iconic as the Taj Mahal or the Gateway of India. Over 2,000 years old, the Jain religion's key tenets are pacifism, spiritual liberation through faith and good conduct, and intellectual scholarship. Thus these temples contain grandiose busts of Mahavira, the sage who is revered as having developed the basic principles of the religion. Mirror-clad pillars and stained-glass windows in the main hallway create a thrilling effect. A stroll in the garden among the glass-cube mosaics is also highly recommended.

Jalavihar Water Park

22/9, Necklace Road
Hyderabad, India

If you're looking for thrills and spills, Jalavihar Water Park is the place to go! From the wave pool, children's water play area, pendulum to Crazy Ride, there is something for the whole family. The list of exciting rides, slides, and attractions include Rain Dance, Crazy Ride, Twister Slide, Mat Ride, Single Tube Ride, Double tube ride, Pendulum and a ladies and kids pool with 11 different attractions. The park also has a kiddie train, trampoline bungee jump, bumper cars, a mechanical bull, and more.

– Information provided by Jalavihar Water Park

Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium

Sri T, Sankey Road, High Grounds
Bangalore, India

Learn about space and its stars and planets at Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium. It is equipped with a large 15-meter (49-foot) dome and a state of the art hybrid projection system. The planetarium offers monthly star gazing, monthly science movies, Sky-theatre show every day, and viewing of astronomical events. Shows are offered in both Kannada and English and summer programs, science exhibits, and workshops are offered.

– Information provided by Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium

KBR National Park

Kasu Brahmananda Reddy Park

Road Number 2, Jubilee Hills
Hyderabad, India

Kasu Brahmananda Reddy Park, popularly known as KBR National Park, is a vast spread of lush greenery and rich fauna which is located in the middle of Hyderabad city. The park, along with its picturesque beauty and rich flora and fauna, is also historically significant and includes the vast Chiran Palace. There are around 600 varied species of trees and plants, around 140 species of birds, and 20 species each of reptiles and mammals. See a range of butterflies as well while exploring paved trails. Food vendors set up outside KBR National Park, which charges a fee for entry.

– Information provided by Hyderabad Tourism

Kovalam Beaches

Southern Thiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram District
Kovalam, Kerala, India

The Kovalam Beaches, on the Arabian Sea coast, are particularly famous for their crescent-shaped coastlines, special varieties of marine life, ancient places of worship (including big churches and Hindu temples), and rocky promontories with calm waters. The region is surrounded by the Kovalam town with the Lighthouse Beach, Hawah Beach (known also as Eve's Beach), Samudra Beach, seaport of Vizhinjam, shopping zones, beach resorts, cottages, private coves, hotels, restaurants, and Ayurvedic (herbal) health salons that attract large number of local and foreign tourists throughout the year. This tropical paradise also facilitates sunbathing, swimming, and catamaran cruising.

Lal Mahal

Shaniwar Peth
Pune, India

This stunning scarlet edifice is not only the finest example of 17th-century Puneite architecture around but also an invaluable repository of art relating to the rich heritage of the Maratha Empire and its royal family. You'll be bowled over by the carving of Shivaji using a gold-hued plough, the vintage map of Maharashtra, and the figurine of Raigad riding proudly into battle. If the Lal Mahal looks a little too modern to be true, that's because it is, to some extent. Large-scale yet faithful renovation took place in 1998, which means that its singular splendor and authenticity has been retained. The surrounding garden is geared towards children's entertainment and makes for a great picnic spot.

Lalbagh Botanical Garden

Bangalore, India

In a city of majestic gardens, Lalbagh must be the king of kings. It was built and landscaped in the 1760s by people hired from the Thigala community of expert gardeners. Today it boasts more than 1,000 species of plants maintained by a complex, decorative irrigation system. Organized tours allow you to fully absorb the wealth of flora. A major feature of the park, Lal Bagh Rock, is over three billion years old, making it one of the planet's oldest geological formations. Crowning the ancient rock is King Kempegowda's Watchtower, one of the original four towers that defined the boundaries of the old city of Bangalore. The view of the city, as you can imagine, is stunning. The exquisite Raj-era Glass House holds major flower shows twice a year. 

Lumbini Park

Opposite Secretariat New Gate, Tank Bund Road Hussain, Hussain Sagar
Hyderabad, India

Lumbini Park is on the banks of the artificial lake, Hussain Sagar, and offers 3 hectares (7.5 acres) of nature and attractions. Named for the birthplace of Siddhartha, who became Lord Buddha, there are several enjoyable options for children and adults. Rent a boat and enjoy the lake, which includes a giant Buddha statue in the middle. Plan to catch a show from the musical fountain, which has two shows daily at 7:15 p.m. and 8 p.m. and includes laser effects. The floral clock is an impressive sight, part of the park’s landscaping, which includes small waterfalls. The park is a place to relax and get away from the city scene. Explore the paved walkways and bring a picnic or get snacks from various food vendors within the park. There is an entry fee to enter Lumbini Park.

M. P. Birla Planetarium

96, Jawaharlal Nehru Road
Kolkata, India

The renovated M P Birla Planetarium opens a door to a fascinating journey into the cosmos with its new makeover including a central star projector, the Starmaster ZMP, with the capability of simulating the natural night sky. See almost the same number of stars that an unaided human eye would see in a dark night sky. Over 8,000 stars are produced by the Starmaster, every star being produced by a unique optical fibre that enhances the brightness, thereby bringing the contrast much closer to nature. See an excellent representation of the Milky Way, star clusters, and nebulae with accurate simulation of more than 10,000 years of star positioning. The astronomical accuracy takes the viewer on a breathtaking journey.

– Information provided by M. P. Birla Planetarium

Marina Beach

Eastern coast of Chennai Triplicane
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Marina Beach, extending 12 kilometers (7.5 miles) along the Bay of Bengal, is Asia's longest and the world's second longest beach. It is famous for its soft golden sands, blue waters, and sunrise and sunset views. Its surroundings feature spacious boulevards, green lawns, statues of Tamil scholars and famous personalities, the Senate House of the University of Madras, Chepauk Palace, old Saracenic-style buildings, an aquarium, and a lighthouse. In the evenings, the shoreline is dotted with numerous food operations offering mouthwatering delicacies, vendors selling shells and glass ornaments, and different kinds of entertainment activities like surfing, strolling, and pony rides. The strong undercurrents, however, make swimming or bathing dangerous.

MGM Dizzee World

East Coast Road
Muttukadu, India

Plan for a fun day at MGM Dizzee World, offering a variety of rides for kids and kids at heart. Children have classic spinning rides like saucers and swings to enjoy as well as the caterpillar, Jurassic Train, carousel, and many more. There’s also Marryworld, a unique children's world within Dizzee World. Thrill rides for adults are part of the offerings and families can see shows in the Amphitheater, play arcade games, or ride the MGM Express. There are a variety of snack kiosks and other venues selling drinks and snacks. Find the park about 30 minutes south of Chennai in Muttukadu.

Mother’s Wax Museum

Finance Center, 5th and 6th floors
New Town, Kolkata, India

Visit this museum to see a range of notable Indian figures from the music, sports, and Bollywood worlds. You and the kids have an assortment of options for arranging fun photos with wax figures including Mother Theresa, Gandhi, or cricket star Virat Kohli, to name just a few. International movie stars have replicas here as well including Angelina Jolie, Tom Cruise, Bruce Willis, and more. There are also world leaders and historical figures to see at Mother’s Wax Museum.

National Rail Museum

New Delhi, India

This museum is the historic heart of one of India's biggest institutions, one that employs 1.6 million people. Stretching to 64,000 kilometers (40,000 mi) of track, the Indian Rrailway network is the fourth longest in the world (after the US, China, and Russia). The National Rail Museum pays tribute to that heritage, with displays of antique instruments, mannequins of railway staff, rolling stock such as the luxury white carriage built for the visit of the Prince of Wales (later Edward VII), and memorabilia, including the skull of an elephant hit by a mail train in 1894. The first track laid in India was a 21-mile stretch laid outside Mumbai (then Bombay) in 1853. Among the museum's collection of more than 25 locomotives is the Fairy Queen, a steam engine that first ran in 1855, making it the oldest still-operable steam engine in existence.

National Zoological Gardens

Mathura Road
New Delhi, India

The white tigers are among the highlights at Delhi's zoo, but with more than 2,000 species of birds and animals to choose from, most families will find other favorites as well. The zoo was established in 1959 on a site that covers more than 80 hectares (200 acres) giving visitors plenty of space for picnics. The location also includes a 17th-century tower built by the son of Moghul Emperor Akbar, which offers a grand view of the animal enclosures. Leopards, lions, jaguars, hippos, buffaloes, macaques, rhinos, emus, and elephants are crowd pleasers. There's also a reptile house, which includes king cobras and pythons. For the best view of the animals, go early before the temperature rises. Winter visitors are more likely to see the animals moving around, although summer tourists may be lucky to see the white tigers taking a dip in their water-filled moat. 

Nehru Children’s Museum

94/1, Chowringee Road, Maidan
Kolkata, India

The exhibits in Nehru Children’s Museum are spread over four floors, and enable a child to take off to the world of epics, the world of science, and to a dream world. A doll’s gallery includes dolls from 92 countries, while a second gallery has dolls from 37 countries. There is a Ganesh Gallery displaying 300 Ganesh idols. The Ramayana and Mahabharata galleries have miniature models, creating a world where children can learn about Indian heritage and epics. The museum is open Wednesday through Sunday from 11 a.m. to 6. p.m.

– Information provided by Nehru Children’s Museum

Nehru Science Center

Mumbai, India

This remarkable attraction, set up in 1977 as India's largest interactive science museum, spreads across 14 acres of land, and boasts more than 50 activities exploring concepts such as sound, energy, mechanics, and transportation. With intelligent robots and exhibits allowing visitors to try on "virtual makeup," among other things, The Hall of Computing seeks to bring some excitement to one of India's premier realms of expertise. The intricate models of the Hall of Aerospace examine the history of flight and India's contribution to space exploration. The standout in the Prehistoric Animal Life section is the scale mockup of a ferocious pterosaur. 

Nehru Zoological Park

Near Mir Alam Tank
Hyderabad, India

Nehru Zoological Park, the biggest zoo in India, welcomes millions of satisfied visitors every year. Named after one of the heroes of Indian independence, it was commissioned in 1959 by the State Forest Department, which still runs it today. Fans of the exotic gamut of South Asian fauna will be bowled over by the 100-plus species of beasts, including leopard cats, barn owls, fruit bats, antelopes, kangaroos, tigers, and rhinos. Added attractions include guided elephant rides, themed safaris, and a mini train that takes you all around the marshy and grassy premises. Just next door is the two-century-old Mir Alam Tank that has its own alluring ecosystem, attracting all manner of fine birds. The park is also committed to conservation, ensuring that rare species are protected.

Nicco Park

Jheel Meel Sector IV
Salt Lake City, Kolkata, India

Located amid the sleek hypermodernity of the Salt Lake City development, Nicco Park is 16 hectares (40 acres) of fun for all ages. Its aquatic zone boasts several thrilling water slides and a powerful wave machine. The safety-certificated rides include the Pirate Ship, the Toy Train, the Water Chute, the Moonraker, and the Flying Saucer. South Asia's first ever 4D movie theater is located inside Nicco Park near the pan-Indian food court serving cuisine from almost all the states of the nation. Seasonal events such as Iceland (which simulates very cold conditions) are extremely popular with Kolkatan families.

NTR Gardens

NTR Marg, Central Secretariat, Khairatabad
Hussain Sagar Lake, Hyderabad, India

Spread across an area of 14 hectares (36 acres), NTR Gardens offers various kinds of recreational options. These include boat rides, a Japanese garden, a roaring cascade, a fountain, and a children's play area. A mini train on a single track takes visitors around the garden, which includes a desert garden with 150 varieties of plants. There are cafes and restaurants within the park, which includes visually engaging structures and statues. There is an entry fee to access NTR Gardens.

– Information provided by Hyderabad Tourism

Prani, the Pet Sanctuary

Somanahalli Village, Kanakapura Road
Bangalore, India

Bring your children to Prani, the Pet Sanctuary to get close to animals. Kids can pet and feed a range of farm animals, including horses, goats, donkeys, and chickens and see turtles and other reptiles. There are other interactive offerings, including bathing animals, and a bird park is home to over 60 species. Camping is available at the pet sanctuary, which includes trails for hiking. Education tours are offered.

Queensland Amusement Park

Bangalore Trunk Road
Chennai, India

A variety of rides and other attractions await at Queensland Amusement Park. The park is spread over 28 hectares (70 acres) and includes a cable car to view the park from above. Dozens of rides include classic spinning rides and water rides, including bumper boats, the Himalayan water ride as well as swimming and wave pools. Catch a thrill on the Free Fall Tower, dropping from 45 meters (150 feet), or relax and tour the park on the 1.5 kilometer (.9 mile) Queens Express Train. Find the park about 30 minutes from Chennai.

Ramoji Film City

Ramoji Film City Main Road
Hyderabad, India

As the world’s largest integrated film city and India's only thematic holiday destination offering the magic of cinema, there’s something special for everyone at Ramoji Film City. Spread across 809 hectares (2,000 acres), travel through the Live Studio where your favorite celebrities have shot their scenes or tour Princess Street with its tall buildings and international cityscape. North Town recreates a North Indian city, or visit the sets of the series, Bhagavatham. Ramoji Film City includes the serene Askari Gardens in the center as well as a Japanese Garden. The Sun Fountain Garden with its horse-drawn chariot comes alive at night as does the Mughal Garden. Children will be captivated by the animal topiaries within Sanctuary Garden, where elephants, deer, peacocks, and giraffes are scattered throughout.

– Information provided by Ramoji Film City

Salar Jung Museum

Salar Jung Road
Hyderabad, India

Salar Jung was a leading political minister in the time of the Nizam dynasty who had exquisite taste in all things Oriental and ancient. This is the sum total of his lifetime spent collecting wonders ranging from local bidri alloy handicrafts to Buddhist and Hindu sculpture to Moghul glass curios. The art galleries are handily compartmentalized into Eastern, Western, and Indian sections, and feature bronzes, ivory works, oil paintings, modern installations, and all manner of other forms and genres. Don't worry if you're visiting with children as there's a whole section of exhibits devoted to them, ranging across Roman, Greek, Persian, Syrian, and South Asian culture. Its better to avoid Salar Jung Museum on weekends, when it gets too busy with both domestic and foreign tourists.

Science City

JBS Haldane Avenue, Mirania Gardens
Kolkata, India

Plan for a full day to visit Science City, India’s largest science center. The complex includes Space Odyssey, Dynamotion, Science Exploration Hall, Earth Exploration Hall, and a sprawling outdoor Science Park. Science City includes a musical fountain and butterfly nursery, both sure to be hits with the kids. Ride the cable cars to see the buildings and expansive grounds from above, which include play areas for children and maze-like hedges. The Maritime Centre is a two-story building that displays interesting exhibits on maritime activity, replicas, and scaled models of boats, ships and sea going vessels.

Semmozhi Poonga Botanical Garden

Cathedral Road, Opposite American Consulate
Chennai, India

Semmozhi Poonga is one of the most visited botanical gardens in all of Chennai. The beautiful landscaping at the 8-hectare (20-acre) garden has not only made it a delight for the daily morning walkers but has also attracted film makers and tourists. Learn about the over 500 plant species and tour the array of water fountains in the garden, located in the heart of Chennai. Several exotic plant species are kept here from around the world. The parking lot includes a canteen that serves delicious refreshments.

– Information provided by Trans India Travels

Sky Zone Hyderabad

H. No. 8-78, Shankarpalli, Hyderabad Road
Hyderabad, India

Sky Zone is the first and the largest indoor trampoline park in India, filled with exciting jump activities covering 2,787 square meters (30,000 square feet). Visitors can bounce, flip, and dive into the foam zone, drop zone, play basketball on trampolines (Skyslam), scale the Warped Wall, and play slam dunk dodgeball. Included at Sky Zone is bowling, archery, and paintball games. Sky Zone can host birthday parties and other special events.

– Information provided by Sky Zone Hyderabad

SkyJumper Trampoline Park

Creaticity Mall
Shastrinagar, Yerawada, Pune, Maharashtra 411006, India

An indoor trampoline park, SkyJumper has fun activities for ages 3 and up. Jumpers can shoot hoops, complete obstacles on the Ninja Circuit, jump in a foam pit, tumble, flip, bounce, swing, balance, and challenge friends on the battle beam. Additional attractions include a climbing wall, dodgeball, volleyball, laser tag, and Sky Slide. An eatery serves refreshments. Groups and parties are welcome.

Snow World

Phoenix Market City, Lower Ground Level 58–61
Kurla, Mumbai 400070, India

Snow World is an indoor theme park all about that cold, white stuff for which it is named. Visitors can enjoy a snowy winter-like environment as they participate in fun activities such as snowboarding, sledding, ice-skating, sliding, snowball fights, dancing, and more. There’s a carousel for the kids to ride and a variety of snowy games to play. Warm gear such as coats, boots, and gloves are provided.

Sudha Cars Museum

19-5-15, 1/D, Bahadurpura X Road
Bahadurpura West, Hyderabad 500064, India

Opened in 2010, Sudha Cars Museum showcases a collection of unique vehicles created by Kanyaboyina Sudhakar as part of his hobby. Some of his creations include vehicles shaped like everyday objects such as a shoe, tube of lipstick, ink pen, bed, purse, coffee mug, hamburger, computer, toilet, basketball, helmet, badminton shuttlecock, golf ball, and more. The collection features motorcycles, bicycles, Jeeps, vans, classic cars, and trucks, including some world record holders. Sudhakar’s 12.5-meter-tall (41-foot-tall) tricycle is the world’s largest and, with a maximum capacity of only 10 riders, he has the world’s smallest double-decker bus.  

Taraporewala Aquarium

Marine Drive
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Taraporewala Aquarium was constructed in 1951 with major contributions from a Parsi philanthropist named Taraporewala. It now displays more than 100 different species of marine and freshwater fish, including seven types of coral fish from the Lakshadweep Islands, sharks, morays, and turtles. Water for the marine creatures is brought directly from the nearby Arabian Sea through a pipeline. This aquarium also exhibits various types of shells, shell-craft art, and fishery byproducts.

The Martin Farm Bangalore

Bangalore, India

The Martin Farm Bangalore plays home to a variety of domestic and farm animals, including donkeys, goats, cows, a pony, rabbits, and dogs. Bird-lovers will delight in the brood of ducks, chickens, finches, emus, pigeons, and bantams. Kids get to participate in the feeding of some animals, and may be encouraged to pet some animals; at any age, they will learn something new about the creatures they interact with. And when they’re ready for play, the basketball court and kiddies play area with swings, see-saws, a jungle gym and a slide offer a zillion ways to have fun! The Martin Farm offers a safe and friendly environment in which to share the joys of nature with your child. Please ensure you make a booking prior to your visit. 

– Information provided by The Martin Farm Bangalore Facebook Page

VGP Marine Kingdom

East Coast Road
Chennai, India

This is India’s first and largest walk-through aquarium housing everything from small to big aquatic animals. The animals here are housed in life-size tanks and overhead aquariums to give you a larger-than-life experience. View marine creatures in sections including Rainforest, Gorge, Mangrove, Coastal, and Deep Ocean. VGP Marine Kingdom is also home to some of the rarest and near-extinct aquatic species. Special experiences include the underwater tunnel and live feeding shows. Parties and candlelight dinners are among the special events offered at VGP Marine Kingdom.

– Information provided by VGP Marine Kingdom

VGP Universal Kingdom

East Coast Road
Chennai, India

VGP Universal Kingdom is India’s first and largest theme park, spread out over 17 hectares (44 acres). The park is home to over 45 rides, a large water park, a petting zoo, and multiple snack and dining outlets. There are classic rides for kids and families like the carousel, swings, and spinning rides, as well as thrill rides for adults and those looking for an adrenaline rush. Also part of VGP Universal Kingdom is a private beach for relaxing near the water. Snow Kingdom is another offering at the park and is one of India's largest snow theme parks. Experience snowfall, sled rides, rock climbing, and disco dancing in the Snow Discotheque, surrounded by 1,300 square meters (14,000 square feet) of snow. Additionally, a variety of other attractions at Snow Kingdom include the ClickArt Museum, Live Art Museum, and Ink Wear facilities. Entry to Snow Kingdom is through the parking section for VGP Universal Kingdom in the Golden Beach area.

– Information provided by VGP Universal Kingdom

Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum

Kasturba Road
Bangalore, India

Founded in the 1960s, Visvesvaraya is one of 28 similar such centers across India. Each section is devoted to a different aspect of science and seeks to educate the public about such concepts as energy conservation, electrostatics, space travel, and 3D technology using brilliantly interactive exhibits such as a working Tesla coil replica and a moving model of a dinosaur. The computerized play area allows children to play virtual instruments and record songs. The Engine Hall utilizes roller coasters and rolling ball games to demonstrate the principles of physics. Visitors are advised to spend at least three hours exploring this remarkable place. 

Water Kingdom

Global Pagoda Road, Goral Island
Borivali West, Mumbai 400092, India

Asia’s largest waterpark, Water Kingdom opened as part of EsselWorld in 1998, offering a fun place for families to cool off. Attractions include one of the world’s largest wave pools, waterslides, and a lazy river. A shallow play area for little kids has water guns, umbrella-shaped fountains, and a huge water-dumping bucket. The park’s Aquadrome is a 650-square-meter (7,000-square-foot) dance floor with water features such as mist and sprinklers.


14 Syed Amir Ali Avenue
Kolkata, India

Whooppee is a good choice for indoor play in Kolkata. Children have an area of over 743 square meters (8,000 square feet) to explore—the largest indoor amusement park for kids in Kolkata. Whooppee is divided into several areas that offer games, little rides, ball pits, climbing structures, and more. Kids will find an area to build with blocks and watch a train cruise around a track, among others. The colorful venue will keep kids active and curious, and give parents a break as they watch their kids have fun.

Wonderla Amusement Park

28th Km, Mysore Road
Bangalore, India

Fun awaits at Wonderla Amusement Park, whether you’re looking for thrill rides or a relaxing day by the pool. There are over 60 rides for all ages, including the gravity-defying Recoil or check out the rides with names including Insanity, Y-scream, and Boomerang. Little kids have classic spinning and swinging rides as well. Dance at the Rain Disco or see a show at the Adventures of Chikku. Water attractions include a wave pool, lazy river, or try the water slide, Korneto. The park includes several restaurants as well.

Wonderla Amusement Park

Nehru Outer Ring Road, Exit No. 13
Hyderabad, India

Fun awaits at Wonderla Amusement Park, whether you’re looking for thrill rides or a relaxing day by the pool. There are over 40 rides for all ages, including the gravity-defying Recoil or check out the rides with names including Insanity, Y-scream, and Boomerang. Little kids have classic spinning and swinging rides as well. Dance at the Rain Disco or see a show at the Adventures of Chikku. Water attractions include a wave pool, lazy river, or try the water slide, Korneto. The park includes several restaurants as well.

Worlds of Wonder

The Great India Place
Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301, India

Less than a 40-minute drive from New Delhi, Worlds of Wonder is an amusement park and waterpark that opened in 2007. It offers more than 20 rides such as a train, rotating swings, bumper cars, rollercoasters, boats, Ferris wheel, carousel, and more.  The waterpark has pools, waterslides, a lazy river, and shallow play areas with sprayers, fountains, and a giant water-dumping bucket. Additional attractions include a gaming arcade and go-karts. A variety of vendors sell refreshments and souvenirs.